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HorseFlicks is a company of people who are passionate about their breeds of horses, and whose professional backgrounds include years of experience in publicity, marketing, advertising, broadcasting, video production, radio, media and other related fields. Our common link is that all of the principals are long-term horse owners whose professional careers have been in the media, and media production industry. We apply our industry experience with our passion for horses to help other breed owners share their story with a mass audience.

You are invited to participate in an existing breed series, or start a new one.  We’ll provide you with an outstanding marketing and promotional tool, professionally produced, at a cost that makes it affordable for just about anyone to participate.

We provide an outstanding Value Proposition for Horse Owners who are passionate about their breeds and want to share their passion with a mass audience. We help them generate new interest and new awareness of the special attributes, temperament, personality and suitability of selected breeds.

What Can We Produce For You To Promote YOUR Breed?
We Invite You to watch some
of the scenes from our 250+
Episodes produced on horse
breeds and other Equestrian
Activities - Enjoy!
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Banner Photo "Running Colors" 
by Gerald Wheeler